ARTE HAUS COLLECTIF  ||  'The House of Art.  A curated 'Collectif' of art and objekts that enhance the art of living.  

    The Arte Haus Collectif philosophy is simple; We believe that life is enhanced when living beautifully.  Our passion is to inspire this belief in all ways, starting with the surrounding walls of which you live within to the intricately detailed adornments  inside your abode, not forgetting the textiles and clothing you wear on a daily basis. It’s a place for those beautiful coffee table books and expertly-created candles filling your space with aromatic scents. Sound too much like the utopian dream of a design aficionado? Well, pinch yourself, friends, as such a place actually, really, exists, and it can bring the superb art of living to your space.  Curated by Heidi Jube (left), Product designer,  and Holly Addi (right), Artist.  Both Heidi and Holly have melded their passions to inspire others to live a life rich in design and specifically an artful atmosphere.  Heidi and Holly both feel that design is portrayed in every aspect of life. From the coffee you drink in the morning to the candles you burn,  to that effortless white tee and jeans you throw on for the day. Design isn’t complicated, but rather very imperfect and should be embraced on all levels. Arte Haus Collectif is a small example of this lifestyle. Simple, minimal, but very well composed.   Enjoy~